Mahmood Moghimi

an experienced web application developer,

with strong analytical, exceptional problem solving and algorithmic skills. Profesional in programming, front/back-end development, server administration, database design and performance tuning and information security consultant.

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Professional experiences and skills

Software Development; Windows services, libraries, and client/server softwares.

Web Development; Full-stack web developing, Web Forms, MVC, WebApi, PHP, jQuery, AngularJs, NodeJs and ExpressJs.

Graphic Design; Concepts and artwork developing, 3D and 2D for both digital and print design.

Information Security; Security tools development, penetration testing, system monitoring, vulnerability assessments and consulting.

Sharepoint Solutions; Developing webParts, backup/restore solutions, complex reports using SSRS, and integrating KPI/Excel reports.

Database Administration; Database design and coding, performance tuning, backup/restore solutions, and recovery procedures.

Some recent works...

Treatment Management System, a mobile web-app to manage dental treatment plans.
Online Medical Services, a mobile web-app for nursing service providers. | web-app & admin panel
Inquiry Management Module, a web based module for online inquiry with high flexibility. | fully integrated with Task Management System
Task Management System, a web based solution for the planning and recording of staff duties. | web site
Telegram Bot, many realtime bots to response various requests from customers .
Customer Club System, a powerful web based system to manage customer earning points.
PhishDetector, a true phishing detection system. | more
Inference Engine, a realtime RESTful web inference engine for PhishDetector.
Document Tracker, mvc web application to track document transferring.
AlborzRest, mvc web application to book a table and order food in Alborz Restaurant.
Request Management, a web application to manage student requests in a university
Student Management, an internal web application to manage students and their courses for Judiciary Scientific Applied Training Center of Khorasan Razavi province.
Exam Data Management, an internal web application to manage exam related data of students in Judiciary Scientific Applied Training Center of Tehran.
TACTools, set of management and reporting tools integrated with TACACS+ and RADIUS protocols, developed for ISPs.

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